Selling Sports Collectibles on eBay

You probobably know that investing in sports cards and buying and selling them on eBay has become huge over the past couple of years. The sportscard market is something I have been involved in and different points for many years.

My brother and I actually owned a Sports Card and Memorabillia shop back in the late 80’s when the market was booming. This December started buying up as many Koby Bryant rookie cards as I could. I was buying PSA 9 for $30 and at the time of this writing, six month later I am let a few go for $500.

I sold a few to recoup my intial investment. From $30 to $500 in 6 months is hard to ignore. There is a specific reason that happened and it was not Koby’s tragic death the following month. It is the fact they he will be a unanimous first round vote into the basketball hall of fame later this year.

At the time of this writing it is August, and over the last two month Koby’s cards have spiked up again to over $900. Hard to believe for a card that I was buying up for around $30 eight months ago.

So yes, a ton of money can be made buying, selling, and flipping sportcards on eBay. However it requires some specialized knowledge and calculated risk.

However when it comes to selling sports collectible on eBay it is a different story. You can easily double or triple your money, if you just keep your eyes open.

My definition of sports collectibles is basically anything with a logo on it.

No you are not going to make the astronomical returns that are possible with sports cards, but you can make a nice profit, as I will share with you in the short training video below.

Make sure you watch it to the end, I think it will bring a smile to your face, and I know it will if you despise Tennessee Volunteers merchandise as much as I do.

So when you are sourcing at yard sales, look for sports collectibles, if you happen to run across sports cards, they are probalby worth buying, even if you don’t have alot of knowledge yet. But definately collectibles, and if you run across UK Wildcat merchandise, let me know, I will probably buy whatever it is at twice the amount you found it at a garage sale.


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