How & Why to Invest in Sport Cards Now

I know what many of you are thinking, especially those of you that may have really been into card collecting in the late eighties and early nineties.
(Which are now called the JUNK WAX years by the way)

I am assuming you have some past experience collecting cards. If you look at the market today it is probably nothing like it was when you where collecting.

The sports card market has completely changed, and is hotter than ever. Here are 9 Reasons why:

1) Sports Card Manufactures are now Creating Real Scarcity
2) Serial Numbered Cards are now a thing
3) Baseball Card Grading is Now Mainstream
4) Rare Autographed cards are in some Wax
5) Cards have become a very liquid investment
6) Sports cards attract Fantasy Players
7) The ZION EFFECT is real
8) Gamblers are finding cards
9) The market is inefficient

There is an excellent article that breaks all of this down for you here:
Why Now is the Time to Invest Sports Cards

This is post is being made on 4/19/20 if there would be anytime you would think the market would be selling off, it is now. Especially based upon what we are seeing with the stock market.

This video was shot 3 days ago.

Some of you may know that back in the late eighties and early nineties my brother and I owned a sports card and memorabilia business. It was a great time. We were at the World Series when our Cincinnati Reds swept the Powerful and favorite Oakland A’s in the 1990 World Series. It was a good time.

When the bottom dropped out of the business we closed up shop and moved on, it was a side gig for both of us, but a fun and profitable one while it lasted. Last year I got back into cards, purely from an investment standpoint.

If this is something you have an interest in, NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME SELF-EDUCATED. That is what I am personally doing. The hobby has changed drastically. Right now I am buying Kobe Bryant, Zion Williams, and Ronald Acuna PSA 10 Rookie Cards, what about you?

The number one question people ask me around sports card investing is should diversify into this investment if I am not a sports fan. Honestly, the answer is probably not unless, you are willing to get a little bit educated, and follow the advise of serious collectors.


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