Top 10 Rookie Cards to Invest in from 2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball

Topps Series 1 brings an impressive lineup of rookies making their flagship debuts. On this page you will find 5 Videos of different hobbiest and investors sharing their top rookie picks for the 2024 Topps Series 1

We will see what players they agree on, and in my opinion they should be safe investments.

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One of the most anticipated sets of the year, 2024 Topps Series 1 Baseball released on Feb. 14. And with it comes a new lineup of rookies making their flagship debuts. Here’s a look at some of the top rookies and what could be their signature cards worth chasing:

1. Elly De La Cruz, Cincinnati Reds

Everyone remembers De La Cruz’s blockbuster start last year, highlighted by a cycle in only his second week in the big leagues. That helped drive his Bowman prospect cards to dramatic price increases and incredible demand in a short period of time. 

While his play dropped off somewhat in the latter stages of the season, his elite combination of raw speed and power makes him a good candidate for a future MVP. He has a wide range of autographs and inserts in this set, with two highlights being the Heavy Lumber insert and the Reverence Autograph Patch.


2. Jasson Dominguez, New York Yankees

People have been eagerly awaiting rookie cards to drop for Dominguez from the moment he homered off of Hall of Famer Justin Verlander in his first career at-bat — even if he’s unlikely to return until the summer after a UCL injury he sustained not long after debuting.

It’s also unlikely we will see a card rival the sale of his 1st Bowman Superfractor Auto, which sold for $474,000 in 2022 through Goldin Auctions, but Dominguez will still be a top chase in Series 1. With plenty of autographs available, his Reverence Patch Autographs and true Gold autos should be extremely popular almost immediately.

3. Evan Carter, Texas Rangers

Carter hit the ground running in 2023 while helping his Texas Rangers secure a World Series win. He rose up the prospect rankings throughout the year too, and enters 2024 as the No. 5 overall prospect, according to He might not be the flashiest player in the product, but he is a promising rookie who plays for a team that is likely to continue to win — a great combination for any player and their cards.

Early autographs in Series 1, including the Postseason Performance and World Champion Autographs, look like top chases for Carter.


4. Junior Caminero, Tampa Bay Rays

Caminero has seen a meteoric rise in the hobby over the last 12 months from his status as a top prospect in the 2023 Bowman releases all the way through his September call-up. Based on recent comments from the Rays organization, it sounds like he might not make the Opening Day roster, but it will likely only be a matter of time before Caminero is back in the spotlight given his previous stint in the minor leagues. 

One key thing to note with Caminero is that he doesn’t have a base card. He does have autographs in Series 1 (similar to Corbin Carroll last year) and a card in the 1989 insert set.

5. Christian Encarnacion-Strand, Cincinnati Reds

The second Cincinnati rookie to make this list, some like Encarnacion-Strand even more than his star teammate Elly De La Cruz. Generally regarded as an extreme power hitter, there’s some uncertainty around whether or not he can be a consistently successful player at the MLB level. 

He isn’t featured heavily in Series 1, but does have base cards and a few different autographs, including Silver Pack autos.

6. Jordan Lawlar, Arizona Diamondbacks

We all eagerly awaited Lawlar’s call-up last season, though it didn’t materialize until September given Arizona’s incredible season. It also didn’t go quite as planned, which certainly softened the hype around his cards — it certainly didn’t help that teammate Corbin Carroll absolutely stole the show. He is another player who isn’t featured in the base set, but does have multiple autographs and inserts. The top chase for Lawlar in Series 1 is likely his 1989 Topps Baseball Chrome Autograph.

7. Zack Gelof, Oakland Athletics

Given the tumultuous situation surrounding Oakland’s plans to relocate, you’d be forgiven for missing Gelof’s outstanding performance in the second half of 2023. He became the fastest player in Athletics history to hit six home runs (22 games) and set the record for extra base hits in his first 60 games — culminated by winning the AL Rookie of the Month in August.

While some may be catching on to this talented young player, there will definitely be some opportunities to snag his cards before he potentially sees a jump into the spotlight. Somewhat ironically, he features on the Athletics Home Sweet Home Stadium Medallions Autographs set in Series 1.

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8. Curtis Mead, Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are the second team to feature multiple prospects on this list, and Mead could be a real sleeper pick as’s No. 55 overall prospect. He didn’t blow the league away when he was called up last season, but he progressed through the minor league levels and adjusted to each as he’s been promoted.

There are questions about where he will currently play in the Rays infield, but an injury or trade could have Mead back in the majors with regular playing time. He has base cards and autographs to hunt and is one to watch as the season goes on if he’s promoted again.

9. Henry Davis, Pittsburgh Pirates

Formerly one of the top chases in Bowman, Davis debuted in 2023, albeit at a position that he wasn’t drafted at. A catcher in the minor leagues, he only caught two games in the majors with coaches citing his need to improve defensively. 

Davis now finds himself in a competition for one of the Pirates catching spots, as it appears unlikely they will utilize him in right field again. He has cards throughout the set, though his immense power also lands him in the Heavy Lumber insert set.


10. Noelvi Marte, Cincinnati Reds

If you’re looking at team break spots for the Reds and wondering why they are so expensive, the three rookies featured in this list should tell you just how many chases there are. There’s no relation to Ketel or Starling, but Noelvi Marte impressed when was called up to the Reds late last year. 

He’s currently making his way back from a hamstring injury, but there are certainly fans who believe he could take over at 3rd Base this season and generate similar hype to that of his teammates. His presence is limited in Series 1 to inserts and insert autographs, so he will be a little tougher to chase than some of the other players featured here.


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#2 Jason Dominguez Click here to buy bulk lots or individual cards

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Honestly, this video blew my mind as it relates to all the unique and special cards and inserts that are now available, saying this is a treasure hunt seems like such an understatement.

Keep in Mind this dude is a Pirates fan, and he is “PIRATE BIASS” but his other picks are interesting, so I wanted to include this video for you. I have made their names hot links so you can easily access their cards. I have included photos’s were applicable. Some of his picks are duplicates from others we have
already covered, Elly Da La Cruz as an example. So no need to post pictures of his cards again.

#10 Endy Rodriguez

#9 Ceddanne Rafaela

#8 Ronny Mauricio

#7 Jonny DeLuca

#6 Elly Da La Cruz
For the record, based upon this guys comments on the video. An out is an out, it doesn’t matter if you strike out or if you ground out. An out is an out, my friend. Strikeouts will be better the older and more experience he has. I never will forget watching Daryl Strawberry’s debut against the Reds where he struck out 5 times, not sure if he ever made contact. He is the fastest player in the major leagues and the ball comes off his bat like lightning. As pervious mentioned he is my top pick for this years rookie class.

#5 Jared Triolo

#4 Christian Encaranacion-Strand

#3 Heny Davis

#2 Jason Dominguez

#1 Evan Carter

#10 Nolan Schanuel

#9 Colton Cowser

#8 Endy Rodriguez

#7 Gavin Williams

#6 Curtis Meade

#5 Sal Frelick

#4 Marco Luciano

#3 Jason Dominguez

Tied for #1

Evan Carter

Elly De La Cruz

On this page I have shared with you 5 Videos of different hobbiest and investors sharing their opinions on this years Rookie Crop. The 2 players that were on every list were Elly De La Cruz and Evan Carter, we hope you found this information valuable.