How to Sell on StockX (A Step-by-Step Guide)

In this article I am going to share with you how I created a consistent cash flow selling sneakers on Stock X and how you can do it to.

For purposes of this article, I will used a pair of Air Max One Anniversary, red, the restock version as the item that I am selling on StockX.

Stock X will ask you when it comes to this specific pair whether you have the 2017 original release or whether you have the restock pair. When it comes to this, for the style code is in the corner the last three digits on the box, restock will read 103 whereas the original will read a hundred.

This pair I bought them initially to resell and then they have just sort of sat there for nearly two years now so that is why they are just going to go and because I want to get different pair of shoes anyway these are just going to go for the purpose of this article.

I haven’t actually taken these out like ever, so this is the restock pair. They are really clean but I went through my phase of wearing Air Maxes and now I have gone out of that phase you know they’re just not really my thing anymore.

So I’m going to go through the process of how you sell on StockX, how you go through like listing your items it’s not really like anything like eBay or Depop, it’s more like an instant buy or sell sort of process.

One of the recommendations that I would say before we just go through the process, is that when it comes to a lowest ask and a highest bid, if the difference is like thirty or forty dollars maybe it’s even more than that maybe it’s like a hundred difference, then you can definitely undercut and feel the gap and hopefully have some people bid higher, because a lot of people will have notifications on.

With the notifications on they will see that same like the lowest ask has come down so they might increase their bids and somebody else might have had the highest bid size. They will then get outbid and they will then increase their ask as well so it will keep going up bit by bit.

Now, sometimes it doesn’t go up by a lot because this pair has about 8 hours to sell or just go completely. see it’s not the fastest thing in the world but it can definitely make you more profit than if you were to take the original payout price. You can buy and sell vintage shoes on StockX as
well. To sell on Nike’s on Amazon you must be approved, and approval is hard to obtain, nearly impossible. However on Stock X you can sell Nike’s today!

With this pair specifically I thought that I had the UK 10 and a half I actually have the US 10 and a 1/2 which for me was a bit better because when it comes to these the payout that I was going to get for UK 10 and a 1/2 which US 11 and a half was going to be like 4 pounds loss, whereas because I actually have a really decent size they’re going for above retail which for me I was quite surprised at.

So obviously this article is to help out people who have never sold on StockX before or people who sell in general and like Depop grilled and other websites and just aren’t familiar with StockX, so I’m going to be breaking it down for you.

Obviously when you go onto the website you can go and look at their general information they’re like tips and tricks and how you should sell and different things like that but we’re just going to get straight into it and just go straight onto my item which is the Anniversary Red pair which I previously shared withyou.

When I dediced to sell these and there is the style code as a thing just as well, and here is the style code for the original release. So, for the time that I was looking to sell these the US 10 and a half the high speed was one hundred and forty-three pounds which isn’t bad in the end, but most recent sale was one hundred and seventy-one. I was just sort of wanting a quick sale.

Here, I just have to confirm that I’ve got the restock pair but I was just wanting a quick sale to be honest if I was going to sell now for one hundred and forty-three pounds, I would have received 116 pounds which isn’t bad is still nearly like 16 or 17 pounds profit overall, but it’s not really what I was wanting I was wanting a bit more so I ended up listening it for 155 pounds which would give me 127 pounds in 13 P.

Now, to be honest I should have probably just put it in about 165 because then I might have been able to bring the price up a little bit and maybe got some other people’s pairs sold as well, but it is what it is in the end. I listed it for what I listed it for, and that’s just me being me. I was undercutting by solid 16 pounds which is literally like four times the amount that people actually undercut people for, because people normally only go by about two or three pounds at a time maybe even four pounds at a time undercutting but oh well, I listed it up there, it’s for your asking like 155 and now when you go on and look it is now live.

So, I started that or I listed that at like 2 o’clock or so in the afternoon and literally within a couple of minutes the 143 was then 147-pound bid so yeah it says zero minutes because it was literally as I went on to my emails it was there a minute after I listed the item so yeah, the bid has already come off by 4 pounds which is pretty decent. moving on from there I just wanted to go and solve the settings that they have for the notifications because you do have a lot of notifications on a lot of them off and yeah this just in case you wanted something’s on something’s off for when you receive emails and different things like that.

I also like the side order that they’ve got bottom and then obviously if you’re new to their website, at the bottom when you scroll down you get all of the popular releases through the shoes of street wear and sneakers in general.

So, moving on from that I’ve gone to my profile obviously I have never sold on my account on stock X before. I always sell through my brother, but after you get a hundred sales, I believe it is you can have an instant payout and eight percent transaction fee instead of 9.5 and after I buy a couple more items I can then get the shipping it for free.

So, the shoes that I want are on the right-hand side just in case, so that’s why I, and just like comparing at this point in time, but yeah, as you can see, I dropped stock X a refresh and my ask has gone now the highest bid is 150 pounds. And yeah, they have sold just like that, they’re completely gone.

So, now we can go into the emails and literally it was like a bidding war over like the eight hour or so duration of people just going up by one or two pounds at a time until finally someone bought it. And then they just give you the reminder of the processes that you need to print the labels, print the other labels package it, send it, they authenticate it, then they release the money to you, they ship it to the buyer and everything’s good.

So, originally, I was looking at the prices obviously of the shoes I want to get being the tail winds are 94 pounds since ever 127 pounds being the sale price it’s going to be 125 37 and instead of 27 pounds and 17 P profits going to be 25.42 which isn’t too bad in the end I mean after getting the shoes as well that of them still be like 30 pounds back overall. going into a little breakdown of things for the 9.5% that comes out to 14 pounds of 54 P the processing fee is 4.59 and obviously shipping is 8.50 overall that turns out to be 27.63 which is 12.5% not including the shipping if I were to then add on the shipping that’d be an extra 5.5 percent I would say which comes out to be 18 percent overall

. So, about 20 percent of my overall amount has gone to the fees and the shipping which isn’t terrible, obviously the more that you sell the less that they take away and that is that. We now have the shipping instructions and what I need to do.

They do break it down in a really easy way. You simply go through and read step by step and it is a very easy process.

They even explain to you how to ship your shoes, they have all of their steps they talked about the tape, bubble wrap, and everything to keep things safe and then they just congratulate you.

Now we’re on to shipping. I want to walk you through the whole packaging process and everything. They, do list a ton of things that they want you to do or don’t want you to do in the end so we’re just going to do our best to follow what they say. They do put that when you do come to shipping your items they have updates this as of like the last couple of months but basically if you’re shipping something like a tee or any small sort of item you just put it into a bag and just send it to them. I’d recommend one of the bags you can get a Post Office or a store where it’s literally you don’t have to use any tape and you can just pull the seal off and then it just seals down and tapes down that way. This just avoids any issues when sending it to them.

However, when it does come to a larger item like a pair of shoes or pep sneakers, then you do have to ship it in a box then recommendation that there’s no more than I think it’s like five inches on either side or two inches on either side something like that, and that they want them to be bubble wrap.

Normally when you order from the company anyway you’ll get like the brown paper and stuff with your pair, so it’s best just to send them back in the box that you’ve got them with and remove any other labels that they’ve got, but yeah, we are going to package this pair and get it ready because there are a couple of pieces that are meant to go with the item before you close the box. Let’s just get through that.

I have found a box fortunately, and I’ve got that I think is the right size, so I’ve obviously printed off the two things here. One of which, as they say, is just literally include this on the inside of the box itself, and it literally means inside the actual box.

So that is just going to go in there now and then this one all I’m going to do is literally just take the entire thing and just cover up obviously the top part which says attach this and yet just tape that to the box as well. From there I just need to go to a UPS drop-off point, but let’s just package this up first.

Now, fortunately the box that I’m going to use already has like paper and little I think they’re star phone pellets inside, so to be honest I’m already covered on that aspect of keeping it safe. Let’s just put this in and package it up so the first thing you need to do is just put the sheet inside that it says to include it inside the box just like that and that is done. The next thing is literally to put it in and then tape it up and that is that.

So, with that in mind I’m literally going take some of the brown paper out, put the shoes in nice and easy. They asked for you know that specific white gap for either side but I will sort that like gap out in a minute to be honest. I’m just going to move all this stuff, move it into place and then sort the gaps or stuff out which I can do now.

One thing that stock X do put is that they want you to follow I guess a method of sorts which is like this six strip or H letter method which is literally a strip down the middle and then two across. I’m going to go more three strips and then one down the middle just because that’s how I do it normally and I’m just going to do that now and I won’t blow a bit of this because obviously it’s got details on this. In this case, I am going to be using brown tape they say that they don’t want you to cellophane tape or masking tape or duct tape or anything just basically brown tape is the easiest way to put it or it’s called packaging tape. So I recommend just getting a couple rolls of this because it will save you some hassle. I don’t know if they’re so strict on what they do, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So now that basically taped. I am just going to take on blue piece where they scan at the UPS drop-off point and that’s it pretty much. and that concludes this being packaged I suppose is the best way to put it. Now it’s just time to take it to UPS drop off and that is it.

Then I just have to wait two days and then I can update you on the other process or the other details that come with this. Now, obviously you have to take your item to a UPS drop-off point, I’ll leave the link to that in the description as well because they’re very easy and there are a ton of them but obviously my item has been picked up.

Literally, I’m going to show you everything on here but it was like dropped off at 1:34pm and then it was collected at 1:47pm which I find like crazy. And then the day after being Wednesday and I received my payout like that

. It was literally 20 hours or so; or under 24 hours they received it, authenticated it, and gave me my payout just like that which I find like quite quick to be honest. I know some people have an instant payout, but to have it sold and everything gone and everything sorted within like a day isn’t bad at all, but yeah, there is my payout 125.37 pounds. I’m going to use that to hopefully get a pair of the Tailwind which is tomorrow. By time this article is published, it would have been a couple of days ago.

So, if you enjoyed this article, I’d appreciate your feedback. That, is the fastest way that can go through selling an item on stock X.


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