How to Make $100 a Day Selling Used Books on Amazon

Caleb Miller

What is up everyone? Carter Miller here the high school hustler and in this article, I’ll be going over how you can take your Amazon business from zero to $100 a day selling used books on Amazon.

So, recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions from different people on how much money does it take to start an Amazon FBA book business? What are the best categories to sell in? What are the best books to sell? And where can you find books?

In this video I’ll be going over my personal experience from building my book business on Amazon from 0 to $100 a day pretty quickly, I’m going to go over some tips and tricks on how you can do the same as well. I’m going to briefly break down the process on how you can take your Amazon book business from zero to a hundred dollars a day and beyond quickly.

This is a 5 steps to success system to make $100 a Day Selling Books on Amazon

  1. The first step in building your Amazon book business is to obviously create your Amazon seller account. Now, when it comes to actually creating your account you have two different seller plans that you can choose from. You have the individual seller plan and the professional, so in the individual plan there is no monthly fee that you have to pay although you have to pay a per item fee every time to sell a product which is $0.99. And the professional seller plan is $40 per month and there is no fee for each item that you sell.

So, if you’re starting to get to the point where you’re selling 30 to 40 or even more products per month and you’re still on the individual plan it only makes sense to upgrade to the professional seller plan which is the one that I recommend.

If you start paying $40 a month hopefully that should motivate you to get off your butt, do the work and start finding books and products to resell on Amazon. The business is there but wishing won’t make it a reality, it takes work!

Now, within the first step once you sign up for your account you then need to find a way where you’re able to scan books and analyze the data once you scan it. This way you know exactly what the book is selling for on Amazon and what your potential profit is, BEFORE you invest in it.

Once you create Amazon seller account you then have access to the Amazon seller app which is a hundred percent free. You’re able to then scan at the barcode on the front face of that book and it’s going to pull down a whole database on that book and currently what it’s selling for.

And just remember you’re going to be selling FBA, so make sure you’re looking at the FBA eligible price offers and also pay attention to the sales ring. The lower the sales rank the better, so you want to kind of stick under a 1 million sales rank is what I recommend.

  • Step 2 You’re going to need a little bit of side cash in order to purchase inventory to sell on Amazon. Now when it comes to purchasing books you’re extremely in luck because people really don’t know the value of their books, and often you can pick them up for anywhere from a quarter to one dollar. Two dollars at the highest price that I usually pay for books. Sometimes they go to different thrift stores and stuff like that and they’ll be a little bit more expensive, It all depends on how quickly you think that book can sell and how much money and profit you can make. I’m going to go back to sales ranking going a little bit more in depth of what exactly that means. Understanding Amazon Sales Rank is critical, make sure you have a clear understanding. If you do, you can virtually guarantee a quick return on your investment in book to sell on Amazon.

So, every time you scan a book it’s going to have a best sellers rank, and that sales rank extends for how often and how well that product sells obviously. Like I mentioned earlier the lower the sales rank for that product the more often it’s selling and when it comes to books there’s like 15/16 million different books on Amazon. Now, I like to stick under the 1 million sales rank because that means it’s selling a decent amount, it also depends on the price of the book.

So, I mean if you’re looking to make $5/$6 dollars trying to sell $12/$13 dollar book I would like to stay anywhere under a six hundred five hundred thousand sales ranks that it’s going to hopefully sell in that month, or the next month, or the third month. And the good thing about Amazon Books is they’re also extremely, extremely cheap to keep stored in the Amazon warehouse it’s going to be like I think a small paperback was like two to three cents per month. So maybe a larger hardcover is going to be four, five or six cents a month, I mean pennies on the dollar to have Amazon store your books.

So, I mean if you buy a book for a dollar and you’re trying to sell it for twenty dollars and it takes six months to sell It, you’re going to be paying like 12 to 20 to 25 cents depending on how big the book is for storage of the book. After it sells, you’re going to make $14/$15 back in profit. It’s basically just a waiting game just getting as many many books to Amazon as you can.

Now, the question is can you go over 1mill in sales rank? Yes, I mean I’ve sold books all the way up to four or five million sales rank, but not on a regular basis. I’ve purchased books that were six or seven million sales rank. Those six or so seven million ranked books had a price range of like one hundred fifty to five hundred dollars, so those are the books that you maybe sell once every twelve months, once every two years, but if you can buy a book for $1 and it has like a 4 million sales rank, see you don’t know if it’s going to sell the day it checks in the day it scans in the Amazon or it’s going to take two years or so honestly, if it’s a small in a book and it’s pennies on the dollar for storage, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to sell. If you buy it for a dollar and sell it two years later five hundred bucks, you’re going to be glad that you let it sit there for two years. Does this make sense?

  • Step #3 is obviously going to be sourcing the books to sell. Now, there are a bunch of different places like I mentioned earlier that you can actually source these books the most popular ones being garage sales, thrift stores, book sales, which you can find on, garage sales usually you can just drive around or you can find them on,. I mentioned book sales, thrift stores like the Goodwill’s, the Savers, you can find this everywhere, and also check around your house, your friends house as well. I have also made good money buying books at Dollar Treee, guess how much they cost me? Your right $1.00. Many local libraries have book sales every six months or so, contact the libraries in your area and inquire about their book sales.

    You never know what items you don’t think having a value that actually sells for twenty, thirty, fifty dollars, trust me it happens all the time. So, make sure you check those places out.

Also, within step three, once you’ve found a couple different areas that you can continuously source books for a profit, you then need to understand where the condition of that book comes into play. So, on Amazon you have five different conditions you can sell your book in; acceptable, good, very good, like new, and new. So, five different option conditions you can sell your book under.

So obviously the better condition of that book, the higher price you’re going to be able to sell that book for.

Step four is going to be actually creating your shipment. So, once you build up a nice stock of anywhere from twenty to thirty books so you can be able to profitably sell on Amazon, it’s now about creating the shipment. So, once you’ve created your shipment, you’re then going to have to label the products so that amazon knows what that product is and what it is going to sell for.

Now, it’s a lot easier than most people think, you have two different options when it comes to actually labeling the product you can label it yourself or you can have Amazon label it. If you were to have Amazon label it, they’re going to charge you 20 cents per unit or per book or whatever item you’re sending to Amazon. You just pack them all in the box send them to Amazon. Amazon will label them for you and then put them back for sell on Amazon, but if you’re doing a larger quantity and you want to save some money. For instance, if you’re doing like 100 or 200 books, you can actually just label them yourselves all you need is a printer in some thirty up labels which you can get on Amazon.

You get like a thousand individual labels for like ten dollars on Amazon, order them today, they send them to your house and boom! print out the label contents on the labels, paste it off and put it on the back of the book and you’re good to go.

So, now that you’ve correctly labeled your products and ready to send them to Amazon, it all depends on the shipment plan that you have selected. There are two different options in your shipment settings when sending products to Amazon. The one that I recommend is the inventory placement the option that you can send everything to one warehouse. It makes it a lot easier, for instance if you have like twenty to thirty books you can fit all those in one box, you’re going to save a little bit more on shipping.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the shipping discount that you get from UPS or FedEx, whatever carrier that you select has an extreme, extreme discount from Amazon because Amazon is just doing a crazy amount of volume through those carriers. So, don’t really worry about that, I usually see anywhere from thirty to thirty five cents per pound so it’s going to cost me around, 20 cents to around 30 cents per book which is actually pretty good sent from your house to Amazon and then pay those really, really cheap storage fees every month for the product.

  • The 5th step honestly is just to stay consistent with your business. Keep sourcing books, keep sending shipments, keep managing your active listings, checking the prices making sure if you want to be the lowest price in that first sale you make sure you have the lowest price if you want to kind of wait a little bit longer, you wait a couple months try to extract a couple extra dollars for that listing, wait a little bit longer it’s all up to you. Just make sure you keep up the process and you will reach that hundred dollars a day range and beyond. I have been doing this for over 18 months, and have averaged $100 a day for the past six months. It took me a while to get to that point because I continued to invest my profits back into my business, buying more books. Last week I had a book sell for $497. that I bought at a Thrift Store 14 months ago.

Guys I mean I’ve had some crazy, crazy, crazy days. It all depends on the time of the year obviously, if you’re going out there with a textbook focus when the new semesters, the new school seasons are starting you’re going to see a nice spike in sales so that’s just something to be aware of.

And books, honestly guys are like the easiest business to start you don’t really need much money to purchase them and I usually purchase books like a dollar two dollars max sometimes I even get them for 50 cents it all depends. Children’s book, they’re big booke large booke just make sure you source from different locations as well. I personally recommend you go to select your state and go around your city and try to find the sales that are around those weekends and just go out there and find as many profitable books as you can. Most library sales will be listed here, and I have found some of my most valuable books at library sales.

Get that shipment ready send up to Amazon and make that money while you sleep. You can actually build this business to $100 A Day Selling Books On Amazon FBA.



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