Money Making Trend for Online Sellers in 2023 (Retro)

Original info from the Hustle Newsletter

You could be selling old-school pantyhose and such on Ebay
Retro trends are back in style. So eBay sellers be aware. When you are sourcing products at auctions or yard sales, looking for anything retro probably makes good business sense at the moment.

It’s totally tubular.Especially for the savvy ecommerce sellers out there, since search terms like “Retro home decor” have been spazzin’ on Amazon and Ebay.

Primo product inspiration, by Trends:

These ‘80s-style leg warmers, for $8.99 each.

This guide to ‘80s preppy drinking, doing absolute digits.

DisposableCamera: 402m+ TikTok views has market implications.

Retro is Hot!

If you are an eBay Seller, Be Aware.

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