How To Start Selling On Poshmark For Beginners (2020 Poshmark Beginner’s Tutorial to Make Money)

Hey, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is going to be about how to post things and sell things on Poshmark. I have a lot of items that I need to post on Poshmark so I’m going to be walking you through the entire process from start to finish. We’re gonna be talking about shipping and where to get items and how to take pictures and how to post them, what to do when someone buys an item and everything.


The very first step is you need to get your supplies ready, that way whenever someone orders an item; you have everything ready to go. So here’s what you’re going to need, you’re going to need a measuring tape. If you don’t have one, don’t worry about it but do make an effort to get one soon.

I don’t measure every item that I post on Poshmark but sometimes people do ask for measurements so I like to have this on hand in case I have to measure something for somebody. To put the actual items in, you’re going to need boxes. I have several here in different sizes and I got these for free on the USPS website. You can also get them at any office supply store but if you want them for free, we’ll leave the link down below in the description where you can order these.

You’re also going to need some tissue paper to wrap your items in, just to make them look nice and neat and scissors. You may need to cut out your labels, some small tape to tape your tissue and then some larger tape for the boxes.

Another thing, you’re going to need our thank you cards. Poshmark really recommends for you to add a thank-you card to all of your packages. I don’t always get to it but I try to put them in most of my packages. It is free to ship your items out to the customers. They pay for this shipping and Poshmark would just send you a prepaid label through email so you will also need a printer to print out that label so that you can paste it on the box.

Step #2 Find Items in Your Home You can Sell on Poshmak

Step number two is to gather some items to post on Poshmark. You can post any jewelry, any sort of accessories, hair accessories, home items, even as of recently, they’ve added that category but mostly Poshmark is known for, so get rid of anything in your closet, your kids closet, all the closets in your homes that you don’t need that are still in great condition.

Make sure they are in very good condition that someone who buys it would love to receive and just get all of those items together to post on Poshmark. So here are some of the things that I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks. I have some shirts, some shoes, these are some things that my kids don’t wear anymore or things that don’t fit them anymore but also when I go to stores to shop for them like recently I’ve been winter shopping.

If I see anything that’s a good price that I know I could post on Poshmark, I go ahead and grab that too. I’ve got my items separated into piles. These are the things that I will be posting along with these jackets and will also be posting these and these things over here are a no-go for Poshmark. I’m just going to be putting them in a donation pile and then over here, have another pile that just needs to be washed.


Once you’ve gathered all the items that you want to post on Poshmark, the next step is to prep the items and by prep, I mean to wash the shoes, iron the clothes so that everything is presentable. The better it looks the more chances you have of selling the items. There are a lot of people who post items that are wrinkled or dirty, they don’t take the time to clean them and they post them and you still will get sales that way because I’ve seen people sale things that way but you have higher chances of making sales if your things look presentable and in good condition.

Okay, right now, so I’m just taking the time to iron everything and I also have a lint roller here. I’m going to be passing the roller through all of the clothes that I’m ironing just so it can be in the best condition possible when I take the pictures and I’m also gonna use this pair of scissors to cut any stray strings I see on any of the clothes.

Like right here in the belt loops, now we’re going to prep the shoes and for that, we’re going to wash them. You’re going to need a good shoe cleaner. I use this shoe magic, I just buy it at the mall at the kiosk and you’re going to need a brush to wash them and then a towel to clean them off. So just take the brush, wet it under the water and sprinkle some of the shoe cleaner on it and then just scrub this shoe and I scrub everything even the bottom.


I like to take pictures from every angle even the bottom of the shoe. I think that the bottom of the shoe gives people a good reference as to how good the shoe is if it’s been worn a lot or not. So I try to clean it the best I can and for these since the shoelaces are white, I’m gonna go ahead and take them off so I can clean these shoelaces individually because that’s gonna give me the best result here.

Okay, so now we have our shoes and our clothes prepped and ready to go. The next step is to take the pictures to post on Poshmark and for pictures; there are really several options for backgrounds. You can choose any blank space in your house and take pictures there. You can take pictures outside. I love taking shoe pictures outside because natural lighting really is the best but another option that I have for you is just a big whiteboard.

So I have one here and this is what it looks like. It’s just a huge whiteboard that I bought at Target for lighting. I always try to take the pictures in front of a window so that I can use the natural light because it really is the best but sometimes the weather doesn’t work with me so then I have to use some artificial light and I have two of these lights here that I use on occasion.

That’s an option as well if you don’t want to be dependent on the weather or if you want to be able to take the pictures day or night and for the pictures, I use this Canon camera, it’s called the sx40 HS but you can also use any phone. Sometimes, I even use this phone that I’m recording on right now.

It’s great quality, most smartphones are so don’t worry if you don’t have a camera, use what you have. Also one last thing, I forgot to mention is that your pictures must be in a square format in a one by one ratio. So go to your phone settings, if you’re using a phone to take your pictures and change it to one by one so that the picture can be squared so here’s my setup for the pictures. I have the whiteboard laying on the floor in front of this window here and I have my blinds up just so that I can get the most light but even so, it’s kind of gloomy outside.

We are due for rain in a couple of hours so I’m gonna go ahead and use the light just to give me better lighting. I’ll set up the light here and then I just made it super tall and folded it a little bit over so it can be over the top of the jacket. Here you can post up to eight pictures on Poshmark and I really try to make use of every single one so I’m gonna be taking pictures of the fabric pictures of the inside.

I’m going to be taking pictures of the tag where it says the size and the care instructions and everything and also, this jacket is beautiful but the only thing wrong with it is that the zipper is messed up. It doesn’t have the little holder, it still works. It goes up and down but I’m also gonna be taking a picture of that.

You always want to disclose any flaws that your item may have because if your customer receives an item and they didn’t know about something that was wrong with it, they’re going to leave you a bad review. So always be upfront with anything that may be wrong with the item. Next up, I’m going to take pictures of these shoes and I’m going to make sure that I get a picture from every single angle, the sides, the front, the back, the bottom.

You want to make sure that you make use of all eight of those photos so that your customer knows exactly what they will be receiving. I even take pictures of the inside and of the tag where it says the size and what it’s made from.


So once you have your pictures ready to go, the next step would be to upload your items to Poshmark.

So, log in to your account, if you have one, if you don’t, you can create one, it’s easy to create one. Poshmark works like all other social media, there are followers that you’re going to get. You’re going to follow other people, like their items, they will like yours and you just cooperate with each other by sharing each other’s items things like that.

So once you’re ready, click on this button here on the top right corner, sell-on Poshmark that will bring you to this page where you will be listing your item. Here’s where you will be adding all the information about your item. The first thing we have to do is upload our photo, so click on upload photos. The first thing I’m going to upload is these Michael Kors shoes here.

I have my 8 photos, I went through all the pictures, I took and delete it, the ones that weren’t good and just kept the 8 best photos to post on Poshmark. So I’m gonna highlight all of them and click open and we have to choose one of these to be our cover shot and this is the picture that people will see as they’re scrolling through Poshmark or when they search for something.

This is the first picture they will see so I’m gonna look through all of these and pick the best one in here. You can do a little bit of editing. They have some filters which I don’t recommend too much. If you’re gonna edit your pictures, I suggest you do it on your phone or use a different app but I do use this here to turn pictures around and also the slider here to crop pictures.

I don’t know if you can see this but it does look a little pixelated but once I apply it will look normal. So now that I’m done cropping it, I will go ahead and click apply and there’s our cover shot and here’s our other 7 photos. I’m just going to go through and edit each one, crop the ones that need to be cropped and flip some of these around as well. Next, we’re going to be adding a title and right here, it tells you to include words that your buyers would search for.


I’m going to be doing a little bit of research to find out what the exact keywords are that my customers may be using to find these shoes. So I’m gonna be searching for Michael Kors women’s shoes, so these are boots and high heels wedges, things like that, but these are similar to the ones I have and they’re calling them sneakers.

So let’s switch this to sneakers to see what will show up. I’m seeing lace-up sneaker Michael Kors brown sneakers, Michael Kors logo sneakers, so after doing a little bit of research, this is the title I’m going with Michael Kors lace-up sneakers, Brown m’kay logo shoes.

You do have a limited amount of characters you can use here so I try to use as many keywords as I can while still making it, make sense a little bit because that will give you the highest chances of being shown in the search results when people search for the item you have. So now, we’re going to describe it in the description.

I just reiterated what I’m selling which is Michael Kors women’s sneakers and here I gave a little bit of the description, the size, the color, the condition. I went ahead and put that it’s a seven out of ten because the shoes are pretty, in pretty good condition.

If anything, just the bottom is a little bit questionable but that doesn’t really matter at the top and everything else is in great condition. I put that I will ship as soon as possible and I went ahead and put create a bundle and also enjoyed a discounted offer here. Next, we’re gonna choose our category which is women’s shoes subcategory would be sneakers.

It’s a single item here; again we’ll choose the size which is seven and a half. It’s not you with tags so we’re gonna click no in this section and here we’re going to choose the brand and then the color. We can choose up to two or the original price. It doesn’t have to be exact, it can just be an estimate or you can just look up a price on Google and go with one that you see there.

So I’m gonna go with this $99 and for your listing price, it has to be an even number, you can’t do like twelve, fifty or forty-four, fifty, it has to be an even number. To decide on my price, I’m gonna look to see what other people are pricing their shoes for, so here on the left side, I’m gonna scroll all the way down and click on sold, so that it’ll only show me the women’s sneakers that have been sold so that I know what people have sold them for before, so here’s just a hundred but these are new here, they’re forty-five.

There are some that are a little more similar and these are fifty dollars. You always want a price a little higher than you expect to sell them for because along the way, you will be giving discounts, maybe you’ll make an offer or they’ll make an offer. So I’m going to go with fifty-two for now and we’ll take it from there or any item you sell on Poshmark that’s under $15, they will keep 295 and you will keep the rest and for any item that’s $15 or over, you get to keep 80% of your earnings and Poshmark keeps 20% so if I price it for 52, my earnings will be $41 but as I said, this number will slowly go down as people make offers or you make offers to people.

So this will go down and also, I can put it on sale sometimes. So I’ll go ahead and stick with that for now and we’re gonna click next. Right now, there is a party going on so I’m gonna go ahead and share it there as well by clicking on and click, list this item and that is pretty much it, that’s how you list your items on Poshmark.

Step #7 Sale it and Ship It

Now, you would just go through and do that with each of your items and wait for her sale. Once you make a sale, you’ll receive a notification like this one and they don’t have a green dollar sign and then you’ll also receive a notification once your stuff has been shipped out and you receive a notification when someone has raided your item.

So once someone has purchased something, you’ll automatically get an email that has the shipping label. Once you have your label, print it out. You can package, I don’t to do that, just take a piece of tissue paper, I’m gonna pretend that I’ve sold these shoes just to show you so.

Then I just placed this tissue paper in the box neatly, place the shoes inside, you can wrap each one individually with tissue paper as well if you’d like and then add your little thank-you card inside it. When I do our thank-you cards, I just write the name of the person in the front, write them a message inside and then just place it in there and then just take everything up.

Make sure it’s nice and secure and then just place the label on top, take this to your local post office and that’s it. So that concludes this video, I hope I’ve answered all your questions but if you have any concerns or questions about anything, leave them down in the comments below and I will be sure to answer and get back to you.

I will also leave my Poshmark link down in the description when you start your Poshmark and your closets ready to go come back to this video and leave a link to your Poshmark closet in the comments as well so that me and other people who watch this video can check it out and that’s all for today. Thank you so much for reading this article and watching the above video. I have tried to give you all you need to start making money and profiting with Poshmark, so go for it, start with items you have in your closet, and you have nothing to lose!

If you have questions, or comments, feel free to leave them here.

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