The 21 Most Valuable Beanie Babies Of All Time

Have you ever wondered if the Ty Beanie Babies you have sitting on a shelf are worth anything? The most expensive Beanie Babies have sold for more than some of the best designer jewelry. 

When Ty Beanie Babies were released in 1993, few could have imagined how wanted by collectors they would become. While they became a sensation for casual collectors by 1995, their value was only known after the original toys retired

In 1999, Ty declared they would no longer make Beanie Babies. But collectors and casual fans made it known that the charismatic toys were wanted. Though some Beanie Babies remained retired, Beanie Babies returned within a year. Starting with a 2000 Beanie Baby called “The Beginning,” it was indeed just the beginning. 

The list of Ty Beanie Babies is still growing. But while casual fans enjoy newly-released toys, collectors are in search of rare, original Beanie Babies. Some simply are passionate about having Beanie Babies of value. Others are consulting Beanie Baby price guides, hoping they have a valuable childhood toy. 

Auctions on eBay show just how much collectors are willing to pay for rare and original Ty Beanie Babies. While some fetch a few hundred dollars, the most expensive Beanie Babies have sold for more than several luxury watches combined. 


Important: This article contains general information about Ty Beanie Babies for general educational purposes. This is a dynamic space, and information about resale value may vary. We will regularly update this article with the latest asking price and actual completed sale prices, but you should always do your own research and be aware of any risks involved.

20. Patti the Platypus: $6,000

most valuable beanie babies patti the platypus price - Luxe Digital

Patti the Platypus was one of the original 1993 Beanie Babies. At the time, there were just 9 Beanie Babies, so she’s also a staple for classic collectors. She’s distinguished by her yellow bill and purple. Of course, even just the unique animal choice means Patti will always stand out.  The most valuable Patti’s have 1993 tags and magenta color. Some have sold for as much as $6,000. 

19. Snort the Red Bull: $6,500

most valuable beanie babies snort the red bull price - Luxe Digital

Some Snort the Red Bull Beanie Babies only sell for a few dollars. The original 1995 Beanie Babies are worth as much as $6,500. In 1995, there were tag errors that set them apart as rare. Snort the Red Bull has soft white nostrils and tiny black eyes. Even a Snort that isn’t valuable can make a unique addition to a Ty Beanie Baby collection. 

18. Gobbles Turkey: $6,750

most valuable beanie babies gobbles turkey price - Luxe Digital

Gobbles Turkey came out in 1996 and was shortly retired. This festive Ty Beanie Baby features a striking red neck, brown body, and white feathers. Gobbles was one of the first Beanie Babies to exemplify an American holiday. While some Gobbles are sold at a low price, a rare one in mint condition was sold for $6.750. 

17. Peanut the Elephant: $7,000

most valuable beanie babies peanut the elephant price - Luxe Digital

When Peanut the Elephant made its debut as a Ty Beanie Baby in 1995, circuses were still popular in the United States. Peanut the Elephant has a deep blue body and crinkled trunk. The original, retired Peanuts have sold for up to $7,000. A wrinkle in the price list for Peanut is the rise of counterfeits. Collectors need to be careful they’re looking at original releases. 

16. Seaweed: $7,000

most valuable beanie babies seaweed price - Luxe Digital

Seaweed debuted as a Beanie Baby in 1996. Seaweed’s charming soft brown body and seaweed accessory make this otter valuable in any collector’s mind. But the most expensive Seaweed Beanie Babies are marked by tag errors. These tag errors occurred during the original release. Some of these rare Seaweed Ty Beanie Babies are worth $7,000. 

15. Halo Bear: $7,500

most valuable beanie babies halo bear price - Luxe Digital

Halo Bears were released a bit later, in 1998. Well into the craze for Beanie Baby collecting, Halo didn’t stand out at first. Halo Bears have white fur with iridescent wings and a matching halo. The inspiration poem made this Ty Beanie Baby beloved, but it was retired within a year. Original release Halo Bears are worth up to $7,500. 

14. McDonald’s International Bears: $10,000

most valuable beanie babies mcdonalds international bears price - Luxe Digital

Even the most avid Ty Beanie Baby collectors may not expect to see McDonald’s on this list. Mini Beanie Babies (Teenie Babies) were sold with Happy Meals during the 1990s. Each bear represents a different country: Britannia (Britain), Maple (Canada), Erin (Ireland), and Glory (US). The collection of Teenie Babies in original packaging sells for up to $10,000. 

13. Claude the Crab: $9,000

most valuable beanie babies claude the crab price - Luxe Digital

Claude is a colorful Beanie Baby, with blue, green, and orange tie-dye prints. His small beaded eyes and colorful body made him an instantly loved Beanie Baby. Original Claude Beanie Babies were released in 1997 and are a favorite for Ty collectors. The unassuming but unique crab has sold for $9,000 a few times. 

12. Garcia Bear: $10,000

most valuable beanie babies garcia bear price - Luxe Digital

Garcia Bear is pure fun, though not many would guess how valuable it is. The Ty Beanie Baby is a multicolored bear, with splashes of teal, red, and green. A yellow belly, black button eyes, and a classic face are charming. It was produced for a short time, starting in 1993, and many people had a hard time finding one. First editions can fetch as much as $10,000. 

11. Iggy Iguana: $15,000

most valuable beanie babies iggy iguana price - Luxe Digital

Iggy the Iguana is one of the most expensive Ty Beanie Babies ever sold, fetching a price of $15,000. The problem? Iggy the Iguana is sometimes mistaken for Rainbow the Chameleon. Iggy has spikes along their back, while Rainbow the Chameleon doesn’t. Iggy the Iguana is valuable when it has a rare 1997 tag, indicating the original release. 

10. Hope Bear: $15,000

most valuable beanie babies hope bear price - Luxe Digital

This spiritual Ty Beanie Baby is not only expensive but also rare. The Hope Bear has its hands clasped and its eyes closed. Captured in a moment of prayer, this Beanie Baby is meaningful, but it’s also a great find for collectors. A rare 1998 Beanie Baby with tag errors sells for up to $15,000. 

9. Brownie the Bear: $20,000

most valuable beanie babies brownie the bear price - Luxe Digital

It’s not surprising that Brownie the Bear makes the list of the top 10 most expensive Beanie Babies. Brownie was one of the 9 original Beanie Babies ever released. Since the original line retired in 1993, these Ty Beanie Babies are quite rare. Avid collectors pay up to $20,000 to have an authentic Brownie in their collection. 

8. Millennium Bear: $30,000

most valuable beanie babies millennium bear price - Luxe Digital

It’s only fitting that a brand that took off in the mid-’90s would release an iconic bear to usher in the next millennium. Millennium is a Fuschia-colored beat with a gold ribbon around his neck. The emblem of a world with a rising sun and 2,000 letters make this Ty Beanie great for collectors. Original releases in mint condition sell for up to $30,000. 

7. Valentino Bear: $42,000

most valuable beanie babies valentino bear price - Luxe Digital

Valentino won over Ty Beanie Baby collectors when they were released in 1995. The white bear has a red heart patch and a matching red ribbon around its neck. Though a simple gift at first, this Beanie Baby became one of the most valuable. This romantic Beanie Baby was retired in 1999, and now it’s one of the most valuable you can buy. Rare, original Valentino Bears have sold for an astonishing price of over $42,000. 

6. Lefty Donkey / Righty Elephant: $50,000

most valuable beanie babies lefty donkey righty elephant price - Luxe Digital

Beanie Babies usually stay clear of politics. But in 1996, Ty released their first versions of Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant. These Beanie Babies were released in time for the exciting election that pitted President Bill Clinton against Republican Bob Dole and Independent Ross Perot. Lefty and the Donkey and Righty the Elephant were released again in subsequent years. But the rare 1996 versions have sold for $50,000. 

5. Jolly the Walrus: $75,000

most valuable beanie babies jolly the walrus price - Luxe Digital

Even though Jolly the Walrus wasn’t released until 1997, they are now one of the most expensive Ty Beanie Babies you can buy. Original edition Jolly’s were available for just one year, before retiring in 1998. Full whiskers, tiny beaded eyes, and a grayish-brown body may seem simply charming. Yet this rare Beanie Baby is worth up to $75,000. 

4. Batty: $125,000

most valuable beanie babies batty price - Luxe Digital

Ty introduced the Batty Beanie Baby in October 1997. He was immediately distinguishable with velcro strips sewn on his wings. Today, he remains the only Beanie Baby sold this way. Batty’s popularity may be partially related to the beloved children’s book, Stellaluna, which was published four years earlier. Retired versions of Batty had tag errors. Lucky collectors with these rare Batty Beanie Babies may have something worth as much as $125,000. 

3. Piccadilly Attic: $125,000

most valuable beanie babies piccadilly attic price - Luxe Digital

Bears are popular in Ty’s Beanie Babies line. But chances are even some of the most passionate Beanie Baby collectors haven’t seen Piccadilly Attic. Piccadilly Attic is one of the most valuable and rare Beanie Babies you can buy. This unique bear is styled like a clown. There’s a classic red nose and a deep green and blue patterned costume. Rare, retired 1993 Piccadilly Attic bears sell for up to $125,000. 

2. Bubbles the Fish: $129,000

most valuable beanie babies bubbles the fish price - Luxe Digital

Who knew that a yellow and black striped fish Beanie Baby could be worth more than some of the most expensive women’s shoes in the world? Bubbles the Fish was released by Ty in 1995, and retired in 1997. Original 1995 Bubbles the Fish Beanie Babies with tag errors have been listed with prices as high as $129,000. 

1. Princess Bear: $500,000

most valuable beanie babies princess bear price - Luxe Digital

Ty’s Princess Bear is the most expensive single Beanie Baby. The Princess Bear, also known as the Princess Diana Bear, was released in October 1997. Princess Bears are deep purple, with a purple ribbon and white rose emblem. But this release was quite unusual. There were only a dozen original bears. The extremely limited edition bears are a dream come true for the wealthiest Ty Beanie Baby collectors. Unfortunately, the $500,000 price tag only applies to the rare, original release. However, bears in mint condition that was among the first 200 are still worth $15,000. 

Note that these are asking prices on resale platforms. When looking at actual completed sale prices, the most expensive Beanie Baby sold online was Ty’s Princess Bear for $20,000. The sale took place on eBay in November 2022.

I know what you are thinking! The article said the 21 most valuable, you have only shared with us 20. The #1 most valuable Beannie Baby is whichever one is your favorite. Many people have special memories attached to specific Beannies at specific times in their personal life.

The value you personally place on your favorite Beannie Baby means alot, if to nobody but you. Even if your favorite is the Ugly (In my opinion) THE END Beannie Baby. Maybe the new millineum was a special time for you, if it was, respect!

Summary: The 21 most valuable Beanie Babies

The most valualbe Beannie Baby is the one you have the most emotional attachment to, and that is different for everyone.

Even if you don’t have a valuable Ty Beanie Baby, walking down memory lane is fun. While we’d love to be lucky collectors of rare Beanie Babies, it’d be hard to part with many of them. 

Here’s a quick price guide to the most valuable Beanie Babies: 

  1. Princess the Bear – $500,000
  2. Bubbles the Fish – $129,00
  3. Piccadilly Attic – $125,000
  4. Batty – $125,000
  5. Jolly the Walrus- $75,000
  6. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant – $50,000
  7. Valentino Bear – $42,000
  8. Millennium Bear – $30,000
  9. Brownie the Bear – $20,000
  10. Hope Beanie Baby – $16,000
  11. Iggy Iguana – $15,000
  12. Garcia Bear – $10,000
  13. Claude the Crab – $9,000
  14. McDonald’s International Bears – $10,000
  15. Halo the Bear – $7,500
  16. Seaweed the Beanie Baby – $7,000
  17. Peanut the Elephant – $7,000
  18. Gobbles Turkey – $6,750
  19. Snort the Red Bull- $6,500
  20. Patti the Platypus- $6,000 


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