How to Make Money on eBay Selling Sports Cards

In this article I want to share with you how you can make money on eBay selling sports cards now.  There are several ways you can do this but right now.  Just search eBay for Sports card lots and look at the sold listings.

I am not a writer, I am a flipper, but I will do my best to open your mind to the possibilities that exist, especially if you are a sports fan. This is not card collecting as you may have experienced in the past, a new era of sports card investing is here.

 There are some huge, bulk sports card sellers on eBay.  Some have been doing it along time, and have never stopped.  I have seen as high as 78,000 feedback.  So they’re selling lots of a variety sports of  cards, this can be a way for you to get rid of all those bulk cards that you have laying around and also you only need to put in a few, just a couple inserts, a couple maybe Jersey cards or autographs to kind of sell the lot and he says he has around 75-100 cards and they range from everything, vintage cards as well as sealed packs in all sports.   It seems that the more mixed the lot the better they sell, which honestly is surprising to me.

Baseball, football and basketball so random mixed lots of 75-100 commons selling it for nine dollars. That’s probably going to cost two or three dollars to ship and then profit the rest is basically profit.  So the idea is sell 75-100 mixed sports cards for $9.00

 These bulk cards are easy to find and  are pretty cheap. You can find large card lots at yard sales all day long for about ¼ cent a card and even less, so when you do the math it can get crazy.

Lots of a specific player or team also do quite well on ebay.  You can sell a lots of 200-300 New York Yankee cards from different years and get a much better price per card than with mixed lots.  

You can easily double your money, selling various card lots on Ebay.

So another way you can make money selling sports cards is by buying large collections that people are selling. So people simply want to dump the cards they have had in their basement.   Understand most people are asking about 500% more than a collector or investor would actually pay. 

From time to time you can also find rare card sets that were only made available in certain parts of the country. I know that many companies have produced these regional card sets. I have a few that were designed as gifts for Kentucky Wildcat fans, and other college teams. They are worth investigating as well as you get educated on the sports card market.

I look at the lot, make an offer, and then sometimes here back from these sellers weeks or months later.  It takes a while for reality to sink in.  Just because Beckett says it, doesn’t mean you will get it.  Some people think as long as they didn’t close pin the card to their bike spike to make a flapping sound like a motor  (Some of you may remember that) that it is in MINT condition.  So a lot of patience and education is required when buying collections from non-collectors.  However there are deals out there, if you a patient.

The way to make money with huge collections it to  break it up into lots.  Sell the highest value cards individually, like Jersey cards piece by piece.  The ones that aren’t worth very much, you can put them together and sell those in lots.

 If you separate them in lots you can make that money back pretty quickly.

You can sell fifty &  hundred card lots. You can also sell boxes of 300, 500, and 800 card lot.  The standard card boxes you can find on eBay.

When you start paying attention to what sports card sellers are doing on eBay you will find all kinds of unique ways to sell your cards.

People are buying pack of modern cards, cherry picking and holding the most valuable cards they find and then selling the rest in lots with a goal to get back their original investment.  Honestly, you can do this all day long with just a little bit of education on the current card market.

You see people selling lots of autographed cards and everything else.  Just take some time and look at the completed listings for sportscards on eBay and you will quickly see how cards have made a comeback and can be a very enjoyable side gig opportunity.


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