What we can learn from the DDS – Dropship the Domination Scam

Dale Calvert

Please understand I just pulled Drop Ship Domination out of the air, but I could make a huge list of Scams and dishonest people behind them here.
Since the Drop Ship / Shopify Store has become a very popular business model over the past couple of years, I thought using drop ship domination may be timely.

Please understand I am not saying that drop shipping, Shopify, or any other particular business model related with drop shipping is a scam. Like most business models there are scum bags and vultures who surround it, but there are also legit products, consultants, trainers, and opportunities.

If you want to get involved in drop shipping, it is your responsibility to figure out who the BEST mentor is, find the products that provide real value to the market and do your due diligence.

“People make decisions based upon emotions, then they attempt to find facts to justify those decisions”

When they can’t find facts, they attempt to justify their bad decisions anyway they can, and to logical thinking people they sound like they aren’t very smart.

Over the years I have spoke out about these obvious SCAMS, which Drop Shop Domination was from day one. It was just a money game that made no sense and had no real world business value.

The basic flawed idea was. Find product you can buy on Amazon and sell them on eBay at a higher price and you keep the difference.

There was so much wrong with this program it is not even worth trying to explain it all. Understand, Drop Ship Domination, or DDS was the name of a specific program. It was just a money game, disguised as a legitimate network marketing opportunity.

First I just need to say that Drop Shipping is a legitimate business. It has never been a business model I was a fan of because it strains the customer support aspects of a normal business. If I sell a product to a customer I would rather it ship from our warehouse than depending on an entity in China to get what was ordered to the customer I CREATED in a timely manner.

This is really just my personal preference. I have several business associates who did very well using Shopify Stores and drop shipping at least until the Corona outbreak, using this business model.

HERE IS MY MAIN POINT of this article, especially for beginning entrepreneurs.

Be careful of the people and the programs you associate your name with.

This is the main lesson that can be learned from this article. Protect your credibility and your word. Success is ultimately determined not by the amount of money you make, but by the VALUE you provide to the market that YOU SERVE.

On you journey you may make mistakes. Take responsibility, re-group and keep moving forward. Life is easier however if you avoid those mistakes. The best way to do that is remember if something looks to good to be true
_________ ________________ ___.

See you know the answer to that wisdom of the ages advice. “IT PROBABLY IS”.

Over the years I have seen so many good people get caught up in blatant scams and money games. Unfortunately it has almost become normal in the online marketing world. Today it seems we have confused straight out telling a lie as good marketing.

Some of the best advice I can share with you is Always ask yourself, who is this person, and why am I listening to them?

Here is a quick example of some young wannaprenuer who got involved in Drop Ship domination, and probably wishes that he hadn’t. When they were in business there were thousands of these videos on youtube and facebook was flooded with good people that were promoting an obvious scam!

I am not picking on this guy, he was just the first example I found. When this program first hit, I was speaking at events around the country sharing my “How to Create a $5,000 a Month Income on Ebay” program. So I had friends, and people who had attended our events contacting me about this scam daily.

They were charging a fee to join, and paying commissions on the sign up fees which is always a no no. The entire program was a scam, but many newbies got sucked in.

If they had just stopped, and asked some intelligent questions and done a little bit of due diligence they could have saved themselves a tremendous amount of time and money.

Of course his YouTube Account is now dormant, the last video he posted was over six years ago. I wonder what he is up to now?

Sadly he is not the only one, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people that were promoting this scam on YouTube.

I have watched the scenario play out over and over throughout my entrepreneurial career.

The first was back in 1996. My phone was ringing off the hook with people pitching me a program called “Gold Unlimitted” it was a gold & silver scam trying to disguise itself as a legitimate network marketing company.

Over the years I have seen dozens of these gold and silver coin investment companies come and go. THEY ARE ALL SCAMS. Not one has lasted any period of time and they only attract greedy scum bags and unfortunately newbies that simply didn’t take the time to do any due diligence.

In recent years the one that came and went, excuse me they merged with another company. 🙂 was Numis Network. It was also a blatant SCAM from day one. When they got word the feds were getting ready to shut them down, the quickly merged with a travel deal.

The number one money earner in the Numis Scam was Ray Higdon.

Yes, the same Ray Higdon that tells newbies “I can show you how to be a high paid network marketing consultant, even if you haven’t sponsored your first distributor of enrolled your first customer yet”

Yes the same Ray Higdon whose Rank Makers Program closes down at the end of each month, to create fear of loss in the minds of all the newbies who have joined his email list that month………….Only to re-open the following month. When people figure out that they have been manipulated, why do they continue to follow?

I understand how some newbies get sucked into Rank Markers, but I don’t understand how anyone would invest a nickel with someone that throughout their career has blatantly told people what they want to hear, so he could sell them what he wanted to sell them.

Yes this is the same Ray Higdon that promoted MLSP (My Lead System Pro) Before everyone jumped ship & joined The Empower Network.

Remember the Empower Network? They convinced newbies they had to
have a blog!

“If you want to be perceived as a Network Marketing Professional then you must Blog everyday” Ray Higdon

Sorry, I think I hit a nerve, I had not planed on going down this road, but I feel it is a great example of what can happen to newbies, when they don’t take the time to ask themselves.

Who is this person, and WHY should I be listening to them?

Scum bag, self proclaimed gurus are masters at creating social proof from
sheep who can’t think for themselves, which ultimately attracts more sheep. Or maybe it is just a case of newbies, who attract newbies?

I am not sure but I have seen this play out with Drop Ship Domination My Lead System Pro, Empower Network, and dozens if not hundreds of blatant scams over the years, even before Gold Unlimited, but let me finish my Gold Unlimited Story and we will wrap up this article.

So in 1995 my phone seemed like it was ringing constantly, daily with people I had worked with in a company called National Safety Associates, telling me I had to take a look at Gold Unlimited.

The companies home office was in Western Kentucky, I am from Kentucky, so maybe that is why I was getting constant phone calls, I am not sure. At the time, I liked to think it was because of entrepreneurial track record.

Anyway, I finally took a look and it was yet another blatant money game, trying to disguise themselves as a legit network marketing opportunity.

Look if you want to buy , gold, silver, or precious metals, (which I recommend by the way, I am bullish on Gold & Silver) go to a reputable coin dealer. You don’t need to recruit network marketing distributors and build a team to do it!

So after I really did my due diligence, and looked behind the curtain, I discovered the owners Martha & David Crowe, had started and bankrupted several other legit network marketing companies prior to starting Gold Unlimited.

The compensation plan was paying big bonuses for the recruitment of people, not the sale of products. The products where not even close to fair market value, and the list goes on and on.

Within a 1/2 day of making some phone calls, and doing basic research, I knew there was no way the company would last. I have been telling people my entire career to take some time, do some due diligence, and look behind the curtain. (Yes it is my Wizard of Oz Reference) People follow self-proclaimed gurus like they are the great Wizard.

Remember, this was back in 1996, the Internet was not the research tool then, that it is now.

So as the calls kept coming in from friends and business associates daily. I told them all the same thing.


Honestly, I knew more about what was going on with that company, and the compensation plans than most of the people calling me. They were like closed minded sheep headed to the slaughter. Some person who had built a name was doing it, so they joined the heard.

I so appreciate those who can look at the facts, look behind the curtain, and make smart business decisions. I have always been fascinated by those who call themselves entrepreneurs, but can’t possibly own a calculator, because the numbers just don’t make sense.

I have realized, most people ignore the warning signs, they ignore the numbers and just blindly follow the wrong people. Those that are willing to tell them what they want to hear. I call them Fu Fu Dust gurus.

The examples are all around us, but very few people have the wisdom, and self confidence to pick the right mentor. There is nothing easier than telling people what they want to hear, so you can sell them what you want to sell them. People would rather be part of a heard and told what they want to hear, than be challenged to take personal responsibility.

To make a long, story, short, in my life I have never had so many calls about
a program. Nowhere close to the calls from those who wanted to pitch me on Gold Unlimited. I just shut people down quick.

The conversations where short.

Are you calling about Gold Unlimited?


Amway, about a year later it all hit the fan.

The Crowes were convicted in Owensboro, Ky., and sentenced in 1996 for using their company, Gold Unlimited Inc., to dupe 96,000 people around the United States and in Canada out of millions of dollars in an investment scam.


All of them could have avoided this with just a little bit of due diligence!

In my evaluation the company was made up of two distinct type of people,
and most scams usually are.

#1 SCUM BAGS that where looking for a quick pay off, knew what they were doing, and knew better.

#2 Newbies that where taken advantage of simply because they didn’t look behind the curtain. These people will be talking down Gold Unlimited, The Crowes, their sponsor, network marketing, home business, and anything else they can blame the rest of their life. But smart people know, they simply didn’t take the time to look behind the curtain.

The judge granted the couple several days to gather their belongings and report to prison, but they never showed up. Instead, they sent a letter to a Madisonville, Ky., newspaper, stating their plans to leave the country and saying the government “destroyed their lives.”

It is always someone else’s fault. “If first you don’t succeed, fix the blame quick”

About a year after they fled, they were featured on an America’s Most Wanted TV episode. The following week they were arrested

This was from our local newspaper.

A couple who vanished after their conviction in Kentucky in an international pyramid scheme were arrested late Monday in the Florida Keys, police said.

Martha Crowe, 51, and David Crowe, 56, had been living under the aliases Clint Jackson and Ali Spencer in the Outdoor Resorts trailer park, said Becky Herrin, spokeswoman for the Monroe County sheriff’s office.

The couple had been featured on the television program, “America’s Most Wanted.” Authorities said they staked out the trailer park after receiving a tip from someone who saw the television show and thought the couple might be living there.

Miami television stations showed the couple being taken into custody by U.S. marshals, who seized hundreds of dollars, golds coins and weapons inside the Crowes’ trailer. Herrin said the couple were going to be taken to Miami for booking.

I have been in this game for a long time. My track record of not pulling punches and telling people the truth, speakes for itself.

I could tell you Drop Ship Domination type horror story after horror story. The reason I am still around is I can also share with you many success stories of people who started with nothing, found the right business niche, at the right time, the right mentor, and changed their life for the better. The personal growth and development has had a positive impact on future generations. That is why I do what I do.

So I hope these insights on Drop Ship Domination and other money games, will give you insights and prospective’s that will serve you well on your entrepreneurial journey.

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