COLLECT DIRECT REVIEW The Most Unique Network Marketing Opportunity in History ?

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At the time of this writing Collect Direct has not launched but the soft launch is schedule for June 2023.  Many experts are calling this product line the most unique in the history of direct sales / network marketing and I would tend to agree.

Collect Direct is the brain child and dream of former Valentus owner Dave Jordon. Dave has been self-employed since he was eighteen years old and built a Multi-Million dollars sports card and memorabilia business, before joining network marketing.

Dave found the network marketing business in his mid-twenties and fell in love with the idea of succeeding by helping others succeed.  He found trusting in ownership very hard to do.

Dave says, believe me I know, because owners in this industry treated me with disrespect. I was terminated in my first network company on my wedding day even though I had a free car and 5 figure monthly checks. At 28 years old I walked away from the industry for 3 years.

I joined my second company only to have the owner run it out of business after I built a team of over 70,000 customers in less than 2 years.

The final straw was in 2008 in my third venture when I walked away from a $50,000 a month check and said “enough is enough”!

The only way I knew where I could treat people the way I always wanted to be treated was to start and own my own company.

Growing up in a family of 13 brothers and sisters and having a father who was a police officer I learned a lot as a child about life and how to treat people the way you want to be treated.

I went out with my first girlfriend and now I’ve been married to her now for over 25 years.  This is a recipe for truly loving life.

After 7 years of operating Valentus and many success stories, I decided to sell the company to start my legacy company, COLLECT DIRECT.  

For the past 40 years Dave has been buying up collectibles.  He currently has three warehouses full of every collectible imaginable.  Beanie Babies, Barbie Dolls, Sport cards, Comic Books, Nascar items, Old Vinyl Records, Legos, Star Wars, Star Trek, he has it all.

Collect direct will not have to worry about the normal concerns most start ups have.  Supply chain issues, back orders, running out of ingredients, etc.   Collect Direct is launching as a debt free company with a guestimate 2.5 billion dollars in collectibles.

So how will collect make money?

Needless to say, because Mr. Jordan has been collecting for 40 years it is virtually impossible for anyone to enter the market and try to compete with this unique, one-of-a-kind business opportunity.


The compensation plan that Collect Direct will be using has not been released to the general public at the time of this writing.  Bits and pieces have been shared.

It will be basically be the Valentus compensation plan with a few tweaks. The Valentus compensation plan created many six figure earners and four millionaires during their seven-year history.

It is our belief that network marketers will launch this business and get it off the ground, and then collectors who have never been involved in direct sales or network marketing will continue to move the company forward.

I have gotten so excited about the long-term potential of this program, I have joined, and believe for many, this will be the last network marketing company most will ever join.

For decades experienced marketers have been waiting for a product or service that could attract real customers from outside the network marketing box.  I believe Collect Direct is the company many of us have been looking for.

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