Building an Email List (The most important skill for an Entrepreneur)

Dale Calvert

Today, making money online is 10 times easier than when I started. However, don’t confuse yourself. Making money online is not the same as building a business online.

Did you hear that?

Let me say it again.

“Making Money Online should not be confused with BUILDING A BUSINESS online.”

One time sales are easy to create with all the platforms we have available for us to use, THAT BRING CUSTOMER TO US! eBay, Amazon, Facebook Market Place & Etsy just to name a few.

However real businesses focus on creating customers, not just ONE TIME SALES.

If a person buys once they are a suspect

If they buy once they are a suspect

If they buy twice they are a prospect

If they buy three times, you can then call them a customer

Think about yourself and your day-to-day operations. What restaurants are you a customer of? How many restaurants have you visited once, and never returned?

How hard would it be for a new resteraunt to break into your pattern of resteraunts you attend in your normal rythm of life?

The examples are endless. In our businesses we use all the platforms previusly mentioned and several more as lead generation platforms.

Yes we sell University of Kentucky gifts on all of them. However the goal is not just to make a profit, the goal is to take them from the platform to our personal Woo Commerce store at this is where we sell gifts for Kentucky Wildcat fans.

Does this make sense?

To maximize your success online, you must follow this logic. If you don’t, and you stay in business you are going to wish you had paid more attention to this article in the future, I promise you.

I wouldn’t even consider attempting to build a business or make money online without getting a great education on how and why to build an email list.

We use about three different email service provider in our various busiensses. Different services for different reasons that I want get into here.

If in doubt, my suggestion is go with Aweber, it was once of the first and most reputable email service providers available. It will allow you to do everything you need to do at a fraction of what other charge.

Email should and will make your money. It allow you to stay in touch with suspects and prospects and over time turn them into real customers.

Decide now to get self educated on email marketing, it is something you simply cannot afford to over look. You can get started for less than a $20 bill with Aweber today, when you CLICK HERE.

I would also suggest you read this book.

“A wise person learns from their own mistakes, a really wise person learns
from the mistakes of others”


When a meet some that says they are in business or describes themselves as an entreprenuer, one of the first questions I asked, is how many customers do they have on their email list. If they look at me like a deer starring into headlights, it tells me all I need to know.

How many times have you heard, “the money is in the list”. So how can you call yourself a business person or entreprenuer in todays world and not be building a list of suspect, prospects, and customers that you can provide value to and develop a business relationship with?

Is it time for you to get email marketing educated? The truth is for many of you, it is past time.


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