Amazon Retail Arbitrage for Beginners

Doris Donald

So, the question that you all ask all the time is what is a good product sell on Amazon? What is a perfect product to sell on Amazon or eBay look like? In this article, we’re going to break down one product that you could sell right now for a profit; we’re going to look at why it’s a great product that you can sell, and how it’s almost a no fail kind of situation.

Many times people avoid toys and other Brands like Barbie because they don’t think they can sell them on Amazon. Keep checking because over time you will be approved for categories that you are not approved for when you start. So if you’re restricted in toys then I’m sorry keep working at your Amazon business, eventually you’ll get unrestricted in toys. But if you think that the barbie brand is restricted to you or you’re gated on everything Barbie, go ahead and give that brand another look because I can almost guarantee you there are products that you can sell that are branded Barbrie that say Barbie on the package, and you may be just overlooking them because you think that you’re gated in them.

I’m using this for example Barbie to utopia brush and sparkle unicorn I can’t sell it it’s a barbie branded item however, this one barbie chicken farmer doll is branded I can still sell it so just because you think you’re gated in a particular brand, go ahead and scan, keep searching, there are products you can find.

I have a video coming up going over this in a little bit more detail but just know that if you you’re saying to yourself right now “I can’t sell that”, you just might be able to. So, you can buy this right now for eleven dollars and sixty cents at Target and you can sell it on Amazon right now for twenty-seven ninety-five and it is a good a fast mover. Look at this purple line this rank this entire of year this thing has never gotten above five thousand even probably in the last six months. So, the ranks and the pricing are looking really good let’s go ahead and break down the numbers behind that. We’re going to sell it for twenty-seven ninety-five, we’re going to pay $11.60 cents for, after Amazon fees we’ll get seven dollars and five cents back in profit.

Now, for shipping Amazon in any kind of extra cost let’s go ahead and just throw in an extra you know dollar for my shipping to Amazon you’re not going to  pay a dollar to ship this product to Amazon that is way overpriced, but even if you did we’ll say one dollar for shipping to Amazon, even if you calculate that off you’re still it’s $6 profit on this one particular item, it sells very fast, it’s in demand. Right now, you can go down to your local target and pick it up today, send it in to Amazon today, sell it really quickly, get that money back, and reinvested in other products. I actually bout 17 of these at three Target stores within 20 minutes of my home.

Target is a great Box Store for finding items for retail Arbitrage on Amazon or eBay.

So, here’s a recap of this product; it’s a Barbie branded item, you know, it’s in demand, people are looking for this kind of product right now to give as gifts, which we can see evidence of down here in the graph. It’s a very fast selling item, very low ranked, right now and during the Christmas selling time the price tends to rise, so the price may even increase as we get closer to the Christmas week.  We know that about this product. We know that it produces profit, right, seven dollars profit, six dollars profit, whatever it is, it’s a profitable item that sells quickly. But what about competition?

I would have to mention competition on this product, we really want to qualify it as a good product. I have to talk about competition on this item.

 There are 55 new sellers at $27.96 cents it says here actually, so we got all these sellers on this listing right now a lot of sellers but there is a lot of demand for this item so for competitions sake, I mean, you have to determine how many sellers is too many sellers?

But for me, I’m not scared of the 56/57 offers, what I’m more interested in is where I’m going to price. At this point, I know this is a fast selling item, I know the pricing is pretty decent on it, and I know it’s going to sell if I send it in, but the question is; where do I price to go ahead and get the most profit? But at the same time a sale before all these other 50-plus sellers.

So, we’re looking at the pricing here it starts at $27.96, I would not price the lowest FPA offer you can check stock to so this one says I only have five left in stock, let him go ahead sell his five out at that $27.96 then the price will bump up. Don’t match these lowest offers to go down here and keep looking at stock we got Magnum Marketplace in there with 20 plus items in stock, I would probably either match his offer or find the next best one which is $27.99.

So, I would probably play in the low areas right now if I wanted to go ahead and get a quick flip and turn my money over quickly. But, like I said down here shows that the price will rise the closer we get to Christmas week, so it’s up to you to kind of play that game and balance your profits with turnover. If a product turns quick that is important.

But this is a really good example of an almost perfect product, it’s got a little bit of risk in there and it’s the only risk is really where you going to price and how fast you want to sell, but that’s determined for you and your business model. But this is almost a perfect product to go ahead and sell right now this very minute you can go down and pick it up with Target, send it in, you can sell it.

 If you’re interested in finding more products just like this to go ahead and sell on Amazon for profit, all you need to do is check around. It impossible for me to walk into a Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Goods, or virtually any box store and look on their discount ranks and not find a product I can flip quickly and make at least a 35% return.

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