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This article is all about Etsy. I hope that you are either thinking about opening an Etsy shop or have just recently opened an Etsy shop.

I decided to do an Etsy article to share with you some of the tips and tricks I wish I knew when I first started my Etsy shop or when I just opened my Etsy shop and so I hope you find it helpful.

The first thing that you must ensure before you even open your shop is to have a product and your product doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be quality. Does that makes sense. So you can’t just like scribble something on paper and try to sell it although, I’m sure many people do that as well but you try to get it to perfection as much as you can or and also build a product portfolio.

So when you start opening you’re Etsy shop, you have enough products to upload, my sort of ideal product range when you’re starting probably, should be 20 plus product. My sales have really increased when I started to like to have over a hundred products in my shop and so the more you do, the better to be honest and that gives you also produce you to list daily.

So I would list about ten products at the beginning and then list a couple of new products every day for the next like ten days or something depending on how much you do. So yeah, that’s my first step and that’s probably the most important tip because that’s what’s gonna attract people to your shop and all sorts of things.


Your branding in the beginning doesn’t need to be perfect. I have changed my branding many times and I have changed my branding list recently.

When you are starting to open your shop, we will ask you to have a banner, logo and you know, you also need to do after photography and things and I’m just all shooting all kind of brands.

At the beginning try to keep it as simple as possible because as I said, you will probably change and you will update your branding as you go along and so don’t make it overly complicated. Make something memorable, try to make your name memorable as well and easy to pronounce in all different countries and stuff and yeah, that’s my second tip.


Pictures are really important because that’s the first thing that people see when they search for something on Etsy.

So it’s really important to have your photography nice and sparkly. Try to keep it again simple; don’t have too many things in the background, plain white background works the best if you have no other ideas at the moment.


I didn’t think about this but I would definitely recommend you to think about and check the cost of shipping and I can order some packaging or how you want to package your products safely and securely so arrives that customer and check Amazon, check your local shops and shop around and see what’s the best.

Policies are extremely important and I think this doesn’t get mentioned a lot. They get more and more important the more sales you have because the more sales you have, the most likely some of them are gonna be a little bit challenging.

You might get a few returns and you might have difficult customers that you have to deal with and things and your policies will protect you. So my advice is always to check out Etsy recommendations in the Etsy handbook for sellers and also check other shops for like policy ideas if you’re not sure one of the main reasons why people don’t buy from new shops is because they don’t have policies.


You need to think about your SEO in the title of your product also description and the keywords so it’s essential and it’s what’s gonna help people find you and I think this is the main thing that as a new shop you struggle with. I definitely struggle with I even like remember paying for somebody to do it for me and to be honest they haven’t done like a great job but anyway that’s probably my fault for not doing the right way or not teaching myself, yeah.

So anyway, those are my top tips and there’s probably like plenty more I can think of and talk about that, those are the main things that I would do again if I was like starting an Etsy shop and you know, that’s what I would tell myself to prepare beforehand and because

I’m, as I mentioned in my, I think how I started my Etsy shop and stuff I just like went into it without thinking. So if you’re not like me and you want to plan and you should definitely do that before you open your shop. These are the things that you should consider and so I hope you found this video helpful and I’ll see you guys soon, bye.


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