24 Things to Focus On To Improve Your Resale Business

Here at OnlineAuctonU.com we go through dozens of hours of online video trainings each week in attempt to find the most valuable content to share with readers of onlineauctionu.com

We have been working with and coaching re-sellers for over twenty years.

Here is the cold hard facts.

Anyone who has the ability to read this article can earn a six figure income as a resller, with very little risk or downside. Note, I didn’t say with very little work!

I have been saying this for twenty years when at the time, eBay was the only game in town, it was true then, and it is even more true now with so many more chanels to promote your merchandise.

I understand if you are working a minimum wage job somewhere that idea of making 100K seems outrageous. That thought of making six figures as a reseller is outrageous, only because of YOUR OWN THINKING and has no basis in reality.

If you can start to believe not only that it is possible, but it is possible FOR YOU, you can escape the rat race of a job. Proof is all around you. If others have done it, why can’t you?

I mean really, WHY NOT YOU?

We have been conditioned that to make $100,000 a year you need to go to school, get a good education, and go to work for a good company. When you look at the facts, that philosophy is flawed and ridiculous for the majority of people.

I have been saying this for years!

The truth is, if you spend the time and enery you currently spend at a 40 hour a week job, on your reseller business, you can make more money, have more fun, and time than you ever could working a 9-5.

The truth is, “The Start Stops ………Most People”.

I have to believe that operating a successful Resale business is at least a possiblity for you, or you would have never found this article or this website.

With all that said I want to share a video with you that is worth your time IF you are SERIOUS about building a resale business. This video is not alot of rah rah and hype, just the straight scoop, and honestly what you need to hear, before you start a resale business.


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