1 Month Flip Challange (33 Days) on StockX | $1,000+ Profits Reselling Shoes

My name is Mary Ann Perkins and I am a flipper.

I’m currently doing dropshipping on eBay, reselling on Stock X, Goat and eBay and I’m also doing affiliate marketing with Amazon.  

In this article I will be going over my one month challenge to myself for earning  earnings $1,000 in 30 days with Stock X. With the  Stock X platform, you resell shoes.  I’ve been buying shoes at retail price or clearance price at the Nike factory store.  I’ve been buying them and reselling them either instantly or holding onto the shoes for a week or two to flip them for more money.  

A lot of people seem to be joining the flipping game  and I hope that this article will  inspire those who are trying to get into the reselling business or even the sneaker business. This business is very  lucrative. You can make a lot of money with it and with my earnings with one month, you guys can see how much you can potentially earn and you can definitely scale this business. To make 10x of what I’m making, without any further, I am still a senior in high school at the time of this writing.

I’m gonna go ahead and pull up my iPhone screen onto the screen right here so you guys can follow along. After how much I’ve grossed on Stock X, so on Stock X in the history section, this is between April 16th, 2019 to May 29th, 2019.

Now, some of you guys might say this isn’t a one-month challenge. It’s actually over one month and you’re correct, it’s over one month but the way that I saw it, was that, I actually went on vacation during May so I went between May 14th through May 24th. So if you take out those days, it actually becomes a little bit over one month by like a day or two.

So with Stock X, you can see that I’ve sold a lot of shoes from Katy Levin’s to Kobe, a DS to Jordyn retros, Air Force Ones and so on, and so forth. There’s a lot of types of shoes that I sell and a lot of them are repeats because I found that these shoes sell really well so I’ve been buying a lot of them either to instantly sell or to hold on to them and sell within a week or two.

Most of these shoes that I’ve sold are instant sells that just means that when someone places an offer on a shoe, so let’s say they one of the size 14 of a Jordan 11 they will go ahead and say that they’ll pay 200 bucks for it so when I go to the Nike store and I find that Jordan 11 shoe is selling for a hundred bucks plus $10 for tax, I will definitely pick up that shoe and sell it instantly before I even check out so I can go into stock X and confirm that order and if it confirms and everything goes in correctly and smoothly, I will go ahead and look at the shoe and buy that shoe right there at the store.  Think about what I have just said.  You can go to a Nike Store, find a shoe, place it on StockX, create an instant sale and have it sold before you ever buy it.

The next step is to box up that shoe, tape it up and take it to the UPS store for an instant flip, there are however some of these shoes that I have earned more profits with by holding on to them. As you guys know in my previous articles , I’ve written some content on how to sell on stock X and I’ve shared what shoes that I bought to hold on to, they’re specifically the KD11 that is Aunt Pearl’s.

Now, I did sell some of these instantly but I wanted to do a trial run to see these shoes sell within a week or two for a higher price tag and they did. I sold almost all my shoes except for one pair so if you guys find these shoes go ahead and pick them up as long as the price is right and flip them for a much more on the right side; you’ll see all the prices for all the shoes. The first shoe that I flipped is an air hurrah Chi drift the triple white version and I flipped it for $80. I bought this shoe I believe it was $40 or $39 at my local Nike factory store so I made about 20 to 30 dollar profits after all the fees on stock X.


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