How to Make Money on Ebay Selling Walmart Items

Your local Walmart carries all kinds of items that are good sellers on eBay. You  might be thinking, “Why would anyone buy these items on eBay, when they can just  go to a WalMart and buy them?” That is the point, maybe they can’t.
Walmart isn’t accessible to everyone in every corner of the world, nor do all  Walmarts carry the exact same merchandise. Learn what to buy at Walmart to  resell on eBay for profit.


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      Part of the trick of selling Walmart items is knowing on what eBay  international site to list them. Some of the items below will sell best on a  site other than eBay USA.

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      Examine the sports fan apparel for your local sports teams. I live in  Atlanta, Georgia. My local Walmart is stocked with University of Georgia,  Georgia Tech, Atlanta Falcons, and Atlanta Braves fan apparel. But, there are  fans of these sports teams all over the world who can’t necessarily go to a  Walmart to purchase them. Try selling football jerseys, hoodies, jackets,  tshirts, and flags. You can make some really big profits selling fan apparel and  accessories if a local team makes it to the playoffs.


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      Electronics. The big one here is the Wii or whatever the latest and greatest  video game system is. Buy electronics before the holiday season and put them up  for sale in mid-November. Also keep an eye on the popular Wii games – last  year’s hot game was Guitar Hero. Check the eBay Pulse for what’s hot in the  category of video games.

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      Disney items. Last year, the rage was Hannah Montana and High School  Musical, and a few years prior to that the rage was Lizzie McGuire. Get in touch  with the tween generation and find out what (and who) they are going nuts over.  Hannah Montana bedding sets sold for 3 times the Walmart shelf price because the  items were so scarce, yet kids wanted them for Christmas and their parents were  willing to pay.

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      Toy sellers on eBay make a killing during November and December but you have  must have the flexibility and availability to go shopping at 2 AM to get the  “hot toy” as soon as it is stocked. Pay attention to the hot Barbie items, Fisher  Price toys (especially electronic learning toys), LeapFrog/Leapster systems  and games, and the latest Lego sets. Harry Potter sets do well. Toys do  exceptionally well year round on eBay UK, eBay Canada, and eBay  Australia.

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      Action figures. Look for whatever the latest trend or popular movie hero is –  at the time of this writing the big movies are Batman and Indiana Jones. Star  Wars figures are always popular, especially on eBay UK and eBay  Europe.

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      Kids digital cameras. The most popular camera is called the Fisher Price “Kid  Tough” camera and comes in pink or blue. There is even an underwater version.  These sell at Walmart for about $48.00. On eBay UK, they sell for about $85.  Deduct your fees, and this item alone can bring about $30 in just one sale. Just  go to eBay UK and search the completed listings and do your research before  setting your starting price.

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      Food. People all over the world love our American junk food (even though it  is killing us). In the UK, they want Lucky Charms. The Lucky Charms leprechaun  holds a special place in the hearts of the British and Irish people. You can  sell boxes of Lucky Charms for about 3 times the Walmart price. They aren’t  buying the cereal for the taste, they are buying it because it is a novelty and  they like the little leprechaun. Other good selling food items include Oreos,  M&Ms, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Tabasco Sauce, Hidden Valley Ranch powdered  dressing mix, Kool-Aid powdered drink mix, barbeque sauces, Altoids mints, and  gum.

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      Discontinued items. Cosmetics and skin care products  are constantly being discontinued and these items can go for big money on eBay.  At one point in 2008, a $10 tube of Aveeno cream was selling for $40 because it  had been discontinued. See the resources section for more info on discontinued  items.

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      Check your local Walmart for special regional foods. In Atlanta, our stores  carry pecan logs and speckled grits, which are a local favorites. Test market  cities also have items that aren’t found elsewhere. (We had the raspberry  M&Ms before anyone else.) See what you can find that is unique to your  area.

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      See the resources section for more information on how to make money selling  Walmart items on eBay USA and on international eBay  sites.

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